In today‘s highly competitive world, an employers supervisors must be knowledgeable, skilled professionals: people who can get the job done right, the first time.

Why train the front-line Supervisor?

There is no doubt that employers face an array of legal requirements that increase their risk of expensive litigation. Couple that with increasing operating costs resulting in significant pressure on the bottom line and it’s easy to see why employers MUST have crews that are productive and accountable. The catch phrase often chimed by Managers is “we need an engaged workforce in order to compete”.

Then how can you have an engaged workplace when site rules, safety rules and regulations are either optional or only apply to a few employees? The bottom line is that you can’t.

Both of these groups want to see the business be successful. But nothing else creates greater apathy than when employees believe that workplace rules only apply to a select few. Apathy is indifference, the opposite of engagement! And at the same time Managers are frustrated when site tours identify repeated non-compliance or labour relations is suffering because of lack of consistency. What happens if someone gets hurt and the Supervisor was condoning the behaviour? This madness needs to stop!

At CANSCOTT we believe front-line supervision is the make or break position in the entire organization. The Supervisor is the agent of the employer who works directly with his/her team to achieve their goals that roll directly into the achievement of the organizations goals. They need to understand their role as an agent of the employer, their legal rights, roles and responsibilities and how important it is to be present in the workplace and take every opportunity to positively impact the performance of the team. We need to train these critical folks properly and prepare them for the most important position in the workplace. 

Time and time again we hear employees say “I wish the rules applied to everyone around here”, and at the same time Managers are pulling their hair out because of lack of consistency in their operations.

Barclay Hoskins
HR Consultant & Trainer – CANSCOTT

Why us?

We train Leaders

Your supervisors are the lifeline of your organization. They are the bridge between the business and the worker and high-performing supervisors can make the difference in profitability. Training from CANSCOTT can give them the best chance to succeed.

We have the Expertise

Our training programs include modules on Employee Relations, Documentation & Privacy, Mediation & Arbitration, and many other topics. Our step by step approach will provide your supervisor with the tools to do the job.

We are Team Builders

Well coached teams always rise to the top. This principle exists within your workplace just as much as it does on the playing field. Supervisors that can achieve buy in on a culture of safety, performance and accountability will see their productivity soar.

What Our Customers Say

First Class Instructors! We have had nothing but positive results from the Canscott courses.

D.G.General Manager

Very Informative! We appreciate Canscott’s ability to tailor the courses to our specific needs and concerns.

D.L.HR Manager

Canscott instruction is extremely well received by all of our front line supervisors.

R.P.Manager - Skills Training

Without reservation I recommend the “Better Employee Relations” workshop to any manager or supervisor. An excellent program.

H.G.Manager, Training Services

The Canscott instructors go beyond “the call of duty” with extra information and handouts.


I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend Canscott Management Services Ltd. To anybody looking for supervisory training in any aspect of business, both union and non-union.

K.K.Vice President