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Another round of our hallmark program, back by popular demand!

  Table of Contents – Module 1 of the Complete & Industrial Supervisor – virtual-CANSCOTT©: What it is to be an Agent of the Employer. Workplace privacy law and the Supervisor. Why documentation is important? “How to” effectively document. The respectful workplace. Occupational health & safety “Due Diligence”. Communication skills & crew talks. Coaching & […]

A new program designed for virtual delivery that includes a selection of video’s, articles and breakout sessions for group work. This program contains cutting-edge leadership and management philosophy coupled with CANSCOTT’s traditional practical application.

Table of Contents – Module 3 of the Complete & Industrial Supervisor – virtual-CANSCOTT©:  Advanced Performance Management (*What is performance management?, *Coaching, Positive Coaching, the 2-Minute Challenge, *Productivity & the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – “The Pygmalion Effect”, *Rosenthal’s “Four Factor Theory”, *Accountability Meetings, *What drives organizational performance (i.e. nine key drivers) Effective Communication & Influence (*The […]

Check this out! Module 1 of the Complete & Industrial Supervisor April 21 – 22, 2021

Another round of our hallmark Complete & Industrial Supervisor series delivered virtually and to the public. Why CANSCOTT? Our training programs include a blend of human and hard skill training to create a foundation of practical knowledge for front-line leaders. Ensure your supervisors understand their rights, roles and responsibilities as an Agent of the Employer.

Sound Familiar?

At $2400/min cost, you know where the fingers will be pointed. Picture this. You are a night-shift production supervisor and after a few tough months, the plant is finally producing consistently. All of a sudden, a main piece of equipment goes down; allegedly for mechanical issues. If this is not frustrating enough, you feel you […]

Addressing the ‘Elephant in the Room’

More recently, we have been hearing from supervisors and managers that the pandemic along with the trend of emphasizing employee rights, has resulted in management rights being ‘lost in translation’. In one case, it was stated that: “I am not even sure if we have much for rights anymore”. Although management does have rights, this […]

Virtual Module 3 – Performance Management

In our virtual Module 3 program we place an emphasis on performance management with a key learning being the “Pygmalion Effect”. Known as the self-fulfilling prophecy, the Pygmalion Effect tells us that if we have high expectations of employees, they in turn will live up to those expectations leading to high levels of performance. We […]

Module 2 of the Industrial Supervisor – virtual-CANSCOTT©

At CANSCOTT, we believe respectful workplace disagreements are healthy to ensure effective group decision making. But disrespectful, abusive behaviour is unacceptable. Do your employees know it is a condition of employment to be respectful towards others and to work as and where assigned? Do your supervisors understand their role in leading a respectful workplace? To: […]