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The Duty to Accommodate: Manager’s Program. ‘New’ Virtual Public Training Series

Canadian employers have a legal obligation to accommodate employees to the point of undue hardship. What is accommodation? What is undue hardship? These questions and more will be answered during this very interactive program. The program explores some of the more contemporary accommodation issues such as: mental illness, duty to inquire, Covid-19, gender transition, medical […]

Public Virtual Training Programs

We are extremely excited about virtual-CANSCOTT© our new virtual training & coaching service. Some of our training programs will be offered virtually and to the public; that’s right public programs! Although fairly self-explanatory, a public program is one that is offered to the general public. This type of delivery aligns us with what some of our Clients […]

Covid-19 & Accommodation

The BC Human Rights Commission has posted a guide addressing Covid-19.  This document can be found here: https://bchumanrights.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/BC-OHRC_COVID19_Policy-V5.pdf.   While this guide admittedly is not in place of legal advice, it is instructive of the Commission’s perspective.   In this document, the BC Human Rights Commissioner is quoted as follows: “In this time of rapidly changing circumstances, […]

Coaching & the 2-Minute Challenge

Recognizing that an overused autocratic Management style dampens employee commitment, more and more Employers are realizing the importance of employee buy-in /engagement. Coaching is a problem-solving tool that both addresses the problem and increases commitment to the team. The attached video articulates how the Supervisor recognizes a team member is not being accountable and uses […]

Shift Changes & Parental Obligations

Thinking about adjusting your employees schedule? Fully thought through the potential fall-out? What appears to be a simple decision might not be. Here are some things to consider: Does your employee have; a family, a family member with a disability? Will this shift change create a serious interference with a substantial parental obligation? Are there […]

Discipline & Due Dilgence

In today’s modern workplace the word ‘discipline’ typically carries a very negative connotation. It is not out of the ordinary for Employer’s to “turn a blind eye” or give an employee ‘just a talking to” when faced with safety violations. Unfortunately, these Employers fail to recognize they have legal obligations to ensure a safe workplace […]

Virtual Studio @CANSCOTT

We are excited to introduce our new virtual training & coaching studio called virtual-CANSCOTT©. This allows us to deliver our services virtually using cutting-edge software & hardware. Q: How does virtual-CANSCOTT© work? Different than (e.g. a typical work Zoom meeting) where folks logon via their work/personal PC, participants will gather in smaller groups (i.e. to […]

Face Coverings & CANSCOTT Training

We want to give you an update on face coverings and some of the recent work we have been doing. We recognize there is some anxiety surrounding the risk associated with hosting in-person training sessions. Arguably no one is more aware of these issues than our team at CANSCOTT. We understand how important it is […]