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Discipline & Due Dilgence

In today’s modern workplace the word ‘discipline’ typically carries a very negative connotation. It is not out of the ordinary for Employer’s to “turn a blind eye” or give an employee ‘just a talking to” when faced with safety violations. Unfortunately, these Employers fail to recognize they have legal obligations to ensure a safe workplace […]

Virtual Studio @CANSCOTT

We are excited to introduce our new virtual training & coaching studio called virtual-CANSCOTT©. This allows us to deliver our services virtually using cutting-edge software & hardware. Q: How does virtual-CANSCOTT© work? Different than (e.g. a typical work Zoom meeting) where folks logon via their work/personal PC, participants will gather in smaller groups (i.e. to […]

Face Coverings & CANSCOTT Training

We want to give you an update on face coverings and some of the recent work we have been doing. We recognize there is some anxiety surrounding the risk associated with hosting in-person training sessions. Arguably no one is more aware of these issues than our team at CANSCOTT. We understand how important it is […]

Covid-19 & the Path Forward to CANSCOTT Training

Hi from CANSCOTT: First of all, we hope everyone is fairing well as economies and jurisdictions move to re-opening following the Corona Virus pandemic. We want to update our Clients with respect to the ‘new normal’ for CANSCOTT training going forward. Covid-19 risk assessments have been completed for our head office location and generically for […]

Investigations of Alleged Misconduct

Canscott provides investigation services? Cases of alleged misconduct can command an inordinate amount of time and effort from local Management. In some cases, a Client may not have the expertise needed to effectively carry out a proper investigation. Or, the Respondent in a complaint may be a Manager and an unbiased third-party investigator may be […]

CANSCOTT Consultant(s) Available

Understandably, this is a challenging time for Clients. On behalf of all of us, we hope you are staying safe and managing under these difficult circumstances. Not surprising, the majority of our business is temporarily curtailed due to the Covid-19 issue. Therefore, we do have very qualified Consultants available for the short-term if you do […]

To: Our Valued Clients – Corona Virus

We are reaching out during these unprecedented times to give you an update regarding our operations. As you might expect, we have been working with our clients to postpone training that was scheduled for March and April. We will continue to monitor the situation closely to establish if May’s programs also need to be postponed […]

Exciting Announcement – New Consultant!

I am very excited to announce Brian Whitfield BA, MIR of Coquitlam, BC will be joining our team as an Associate Consultant to Canscott effective January 10, 2020. Brian is an accomplished professional with a successful track record managing and developing internal operations, administration, human resources, finance, information systems, organizational transformation, projects, governance, and strategic […]

What’s NEW @ CANSCOTT – Partners in Training

We encourage you to take a look at our “Revised” two-day course offering called The Safety Program. At CANSCOTT we understand how important it is to have safe operations. Safety is not an add-on, it must be built into everything we do. As a Manager, have you made any of the following observations about your […]