March 25, 2020

CANSCOTT Consultant(s) Available

Understandably, this is a challenging time for Clients. On behalf of all of us, we hope you are staying safe and managing under these difficult circumstances.

Not surprising, the majority of our business is temporarily curtailed due to the Covid-19 issue. Therefore, we do have very qualified Consultants available for the short-term if you do have any need of assistance.

If you could use some LR / HR consulting assistance our Consultant(s) could work remotely for you on a regular basis; until such time as we get busy again… this time it is unclear whether our business ramp up will be before or after the 2020 summer months. **Note, we are always available to provide LR /HR Consulting services on a part-time basis year round.

Please see the attached link to our website for a list of all our LR/ HR consulting services.



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