At CANSCOTT, we believe the Supervisor above all, has the greatest level of impact positive or negative on the achievement of the business plan and the organizations goals. To ensure your folks understand their rights, roles, and responsibilities as an Agent of the Employer, have them join us for a new virtual series of the Industrial Supervisor program Module 1.

The pandemic has necessitated us to rethink our M3 program because traditionally our M3 does not work well for virtual delivery. This new program will be used for M3 virtual-CANSCOTT© and will become an advanced-class M4 offering when in-person training fully resumes. With approx. 1/3 of this program focusing on performance management, participants will understand: *What is Performance Management? *Coaching, 2-Minute Coaching Challenge, *Giving and Receiving Feedback, *Progressive Discipline When Required, *Productivity & the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – “The Pygmalion Effect”, *Rosenthal’s “Four Factor Theory”, *Accountability Meetings, *What Drives Organizational Performance (i.e., nine key drivers), *Videos, case studies and group work to fully understand how to positively influence high performance on your team.


Are you relatively new to a site and observe a floundering grievance process? Have you been tasked with improving LR and could a training program help? If “yes”, then this program is for you! A labour relations professional (with third party expierence) will provide some leading-edge tips and info on how to effectively use and manage your grievance procedure to your advantage. Current case law coupled with extensive real-life examples makes this course a must for HR/LR practitioners.


In the past 5-years, workplace human rights issues have evolved faster than ever before. For e.g., at what point do employer’s have to accommodate childcare needs? What about medical cannabis? Does a well written drug & alcohol policy matter? Are zero tolerance policies enforceable? All these questions and more will be answered during this highly informative managerial-level program.