September 10, 2020

Coaching & the 2-Minute Challenge

Recognizing that an overused autocratic Management style dampens employee commitment, more and more Employers are realizing the importance of employee buy-in /engagement. Coaching is a problem-solving tool that both addresses the problem and increases commitment to the team.

The attached video articulates how the Supervisor recognizes a team member is not being accountable and uses coaching to resolve the problem.

A dual energy technique (i.e. it requires participation from both parties) coaching involves basic emotional intelligence. E.g. Instead of Supervisor telling an employee what to do called ‘directing’, coaching involves soliciting a solution to the problem from the employee all the while recognizing that many people can get defensive when receiving feedback on their performance. If the goal is communicated effectively the results are real buy-in from the employee to change behaviour.

At CANSCOTT we teach the 2-Minute Challenge, a simple & practical coaching tool; it does not require a P.H.D. to figure out! For all your coaching & training needs visit us right here at

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