We provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Workplace Investigations.

We provide our expertise to effectively conduct any and all types of workplace investigations including, but not limited to, bullying & harassment, human rights, and violence in the workplace. Cases of alleged misconduct can command an inordinate amount of time and effort from local Management. In some cases, a Client may not have the expertise needed to effectively carry out a proper investigation. Or, the Respondent in a complaint may be a Manager and an unbiased third-party investigator may be required.

We ensure:

  • the scope of the investigation is clearly defined at the outset. E.g. we avoid making formal recommendations that can be cost prohibitive
  • all facts are gathered
  • all policies are followed
  • confidentiality is maintained (i.e. to the extent of the law)
  • emotions and negative reprisals are effectively controlled
  • documentation is clear and comprehensive
  • best practices of workplace investigation/investigative interviews are followed
  • representational rights are provided, and privacy law is followed
  • a determination of culpable behaviour or non-culpable explanation and use a fact-based analysis to determine severity of the former
  • a full report / executive summary provided

Consulting Services Cont’d:

  • Policy Development
  • One on One Coaching
  • We offer individual & team development programs using the Myers-Briggs assessment and Center for Creative Leadership’s 360 assessment tool; CANSCOTT is certified to use both
  • Labour Relations
  • Collective Agreement (Negotiations)
  • Discipline and Dismissal of “Problem Employees”
  • Incident Investigations
  • Attendance Management
  • Performance Evaluation Programs

We will provide a No Charge – No Obligation quote on request.

Meet our Consultants

Barclay Hoskins


Barclay Hoskins is a dynamic Human Resources Consultant with over 19 years of Supervisor, HR/Labour Relations and Management experience. He drives businesses to top-quartile results by leveraging his strong labour relations skills and his ability to create and maintain a performance-based culture.

Onkar Athwal

M.Ba, B.A

Onkar Athwal has over 30 years of HR/Labour Relations and Management experience. Prior to joining Canscott in June, 2016, Onkar was engaged in leading the Human Resources function for Paper Excellence, a multi-national company operating pulp and paper mills in Canada and Europe.  Previously, Onkar worked with Canfor Corp. as Vice President, Human Resources.

Johann Steinmann

B.A (HONS) Industrial Psychology

Johann has over 30 years of management development and training experience. Prior to joining CANSCOTT, Johann was responsible for ensuring that the waterfront industry in British Columbia had a competent and sufficiently qualified workforce available to service their needs. Johann also led the acquisition, contract negotiations, development, delivery and commissioning of a multimillion-dollar CRANE TRAINING SIMULATOR for the waterfront industry. Most recently, Johann was responsible for creating customized training programs for a bulk operations facility on the waterfront.

Brian Whitfield


Brian is an accomplished professional with a successful track record managing and developing internal operations and administration, leading organizational transformations and restructures, and handling and overseeing the full spectrum of human resources management, labour relations, privacy, finance, information systems, projects, governance, and strategic planning.