First of all, we hope everyone is fairing well as economies and jurisdictions move to re-opening following the Corona Virus pandemic. We want to update our Clients with respect to the ‘new normal’ for CANSCOTT training going forward.

Covid-19 risk assessments have been completed for our head office location and generically for training facilities and we will follow all guidelines prescribed by WorkSafe BC. These protocols will depend on the training location chosen by ‘you’ the Client. Therefore, we have created a Client Covid-19 Training Facility Guidelines that Bal, our Operations Manager, will review with you prior to any training we provide. For example, as a result of the ‘new normal’, Clients may not be able to simply put out a buffet-style lunch for participants to self-serve. New protocols require a much stricter procedure for food handling to minimize the risk of spread of Covid-19 due to contaminated surfaces or droplets from a person. Also, we will need to maintain guidelines around social distancing which may create challenges for room size and tables as just another example. We ask that you kindly communicate back to Bal that the training room chosen will meet these guidelines so she can then inform the Instructor prior to their arrival. We encourage you to communicate the same information to the participants so everyone knows the expectations and what has been done to maintain their safety.

Also, Canscott has implemented several controls to ensure our behaviours are in-line with the ‘new normal’. Our team members will be practicing all safe personal hygiene protocols. For e.g. course materials will be prepared as far in advance as possible and not touched unless hands are clean following the government’s guidelines. We will only be using those shipping companies who can demonstrate the same or better level of standard regarding Covid-19 risk mitigation as our Company. For the foreseeable future, our Instructors will be driving to the training locations (if possible) as opposed to taking commercial airlines. In the classroom, mandatory handouts and case studies will now be prepacked in the participant binder to eliminate the need for the Instructor handing anything out during class and testing will be done to avoid contact with the Instructor including eliminating hand-shakes. Participants will not be sharing any materials/pens etc. and will place pens/highlighters in their binders and take all material home every night to allow for the proper daily sanitization of tables & arm rests.

Also, last month we sent out survey questions to all Clients regarding the potential for virtual on-line training. We at CANSCOTT will have the ability to deliver our programs virtually which we hope will be something that you strongly consider. For e.g. for the foreseeable future the international border is closed to the U.S.A. so this virtual option may be a good one for these Clients.

These are unprecedented times but as we all know, we do need to get the economy up and running and that includes our training & consulting services. We trust everyone understands the need for these new protocols and we look forward to upcoming training sessions with your teams.

Lastly, we are very much open to your suggestions if you see an opportunity to improve the guidelines etc. Safety excellence is a foundational principle at CANSCOTT so anything we can do better is a step in the right direction.

Kind Regards,


The CANSCOTT team.