In our virtual Module 3 program we place an emphasis on performance management with a key learning being the “Pygmalion Effect”. Known as the self-fulfilling prophecy, the Pygmalion Effect tells us that if we have high expectations of employees, they in turn will live up to those expectations leading to high levels of performance. We will be reviewing and debriefing the film: the Pygmalion Effect: Managing the Power of Expectations. A quote from psychologist Rensis Likert: “If a high level of performance is to be achieved, it appears to be necessary for a supervisor to have high performance goals and a contagious enthusiasm about the importance of these goals”. For executives who are concerned with the productivity of their organizations and the careers of their employees, the challenge is clear: to speed up the development of managers who will treat their workers in ways that lead to high performance and improved self-images.

Join us for our next round of the Industrial Supervisor – M3 on February 22 – 23, 2021; a virtual-CANSCOTT© production.