At $2400/min cost, you know where the fingers will be pointed.
Picture this. You are a night-shift production supervisor and after a few tough months, the plant is finally producing consistently. All of a sudden, a main piece of equipment goes down; allegedly for mechanical issues. If this is not frustrating enough, you feel you have it under control when you soon realize that the Plant Manager is talking on the phone with the maintenance crew members. You think: “I just updated my superintendent and I need my crew safely fixing the equipment”. Instead, your perception is the PM does not trust your judgement and abilities and reverts back to micromanaging. And at $2400/min cost for being down, you know where the fingers will be pointed. Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone.

We recommend a standard work procedure for all upset conditions. Why? Because during these upsets is when your management systems need to be most effective. An SWP that not only gets everyone on the same page, it ensures everyone is competent on their rights, roles and responsibilities. Imagine, in the above scenario where the supervisor takes control and: (1) communicates the expectation to the group: “doing this job safely, with proper hazard control, please troubleshoot the problem and “John Doe” please give me an initial assessment within 15-mins”. (2) the Supervisor communicates up the initial assessment to the Superintendent, (3) the Superintendent communicates up to the PM and so on. The PM has the info they need, chain of command is followed, the team is supported, and the work gets safely done ASAP. Excellence is a habit and an SWP is habit forming.

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