April 23, 2021

A new program designed for virtual delivery that includes a selection of video’s, articles and breakout sessions for group work. This program contains cutting-edge leadership and management philosophy coupled with CANSCOTT’s traditional practical application.

Table of Contents – Module 3 of the Complete & Industrial Supervisor – virtual-CANSCOTT©:

  1.  Advanced Performance Management (*What is performance management?, *Coaching, Positive Coaching, the 2-Minute Challenge, *Productivity & the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – “The Pygmalion Effect”, *Rosenthal’s “Four Factor Theory”, *Accountability Meetings, *What drives organizational performance (i.e. nine key drivers)
  2. Effective Communication & Influence (*The Power of Questioning, *Active Listening, *“I” messages vs. “You” messages, *Dealing with Difficult People, *How to Conduct an Effective Meeting
  3. Team Development (*The Importance of Group Decision Making, *The Desert Survival Exercise)
  4. Performance Planning & Review (* How to Effectively Appraise Employee Performance,*How to Conduct an Effective Appraisal Interview)
  5. Effective Use of Time (*How to Get Time on Your Side, *How to Get the Monkey’s Off Your Back, *Delegation Techniques)

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