We want to give you an update on face coverings and some of the recent work we have been doing. We recognize there is some anxiety surrounding the risk associated with hosting in-person training sessions. Arguably no one is more aware of these issues than our team at CANSCOTT. We understand how important it is that any Client work we do is done to the highest safety standard.

Over the past few weeks, we have successfully conducted in-person training sessions while working with our Clients to ensure effective hazard controls were in place. For e.g. we just completed a 2-day in-person training program where the Instructor and all Participants dawned a face covering throughout the entire session and he enforced the use of hand sanitizer after every re-entry to the room and used hand sanitizer prior to any handouts…something that makes sense given the uniqueness of CANSCOTT programs. A Participant was responsible for sanitizing the room including table and chair arms at the end of each day and social distancing was maintained throughout. This session was a complete success and the participants found these strict standards easy to comply with.

We have been doing debriefs of all training sessions since our restart a few weeks ago. It has become apparent to us that we need to strongly consider the idea of regularly using face-coverings during our sessions. We encourage our Clients to consider face coverings for all Participants and Instructor as it makes sense not just from a safety perspective but also to reassure all stakeholders that our sessions will be done without incident.

We trust that not only will you understand this approach but that it will appeal to you given the heightened awareness of Covid-19 issues. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Kind Regards,