August 20, 2020

Virtual Studio @CANSCOTT

We are excited to introduce our new virtual training & coaching studio called virtual-CANSCOTT©. This allows us to deliver our services virtually using cutting-edge software & hardware.

Q: How does virtual-CANSCOTT© work? Different than (e.g. a typical work Zoom meeting) where folks logon via their work/personal PC, participants will gather in smaller groups (i.e. to allow for proper social distancing) in a boardroom-style setting and attend the all-day session by watching/listening/interacting directly with the instructor.

Q: Is on-line E-Learning the same as virtual? NO. E-Learning uses a mix of text audio/video (i.e. think of an individual ‘clicking’ through on-line PowerPoint slides) whereby virtual-CANSCOTT© is real time instructor-led training in a virtual classroom; exactly the same as in-person training just done virtually.

For more info or to book your next program, visit us right here at or call us at 1-604-533-8222.

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