September 23, 2020

The Duty to Accommodate: Manager’s Program. ‘New’ Virtual Public Training Series

Canadian employers have a legal obligation to accommodate employees to the point of undue hardship. What is accommodation? What is undue hardship? These questions and more will be answered during this very interactive program.

The program explores some of the more contemporary accommodation issues such as: mental illness, duty to inquire, Covid-19, gender transition, medical cannabis / zero tolerance policies and a whole lot more.

Accommodation is an important human rights issue that requires a delicate balance of empathy, trust, credibility, and perseverance. As usual, we approach this topic from the perspective of the employer and provide participants with practical solutions to issues facing the modern manager.


When: Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 8am to 12pm (4-hour duration)

Where: virtual-CANSCOTT© - a link will be emailed to you

Who Should Attend: Operations Managers, Corporate Managers, Human Resources, Disability / Ability Management Coordinators

Price: $400/person + GST. We accept email electronic funds transfer (EFT). Payment must be received by Oct. 8th to ensure participants receive course material.

Pre-work: There is 15-mins of pre-work required.

Prerequisites: This is not an introductory course; rather, this is a managerial-level program. Participants must already have working knowledge of: human rights, prohibited grounds, and the duty to accommodate.

For more information or to book your attendance, call (604) 533-8222 or right here on




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