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Welcome to our HR Solutions section, where we provide a comprehensive range of services to empower your organization. Whether you need to fine-tune your employee management strategies or address critical HR challenges, we're here to help you succeed.
Performance Evaluation Programs
We offer customized consulting services to create effective performance evaluation programs, designed to align with an organization's specific objectives and enhance employee performance, development, and retention.
Attendance Management
We specialize in developing customized attendance management programs that optimize productivity, reduce absenteeism costs, and foster a culture of accountability in organizations.
Incident Investigations
We can help when you need an urgent and impartial third-party incident investigation conducted by a seasoned expert. We provide companies with comprehensive assessments, unbiased findings, and actionable recommendations in critical situations.
Discipline and Dismissal of “Problem Employees”
We offer specialized consulting services to guide companies in the discipline and dismissal of problematic employees while ensuring legal compliance and minimizing negative repercussions within the organization, including handling communication with remaining employees.
Collective Agreements (Negotiations)
We offer expert consulting services to assist organizations in collective agreement negotiations and other collective bargaining situations, providing strategic guidance and expertise in labor relations to achieve favorable outcomes and maintain positive labor-management relationships.
Labour Relations
We offer expert consulting services to organizations seeking support in labor relations, providing tailored guidance to strengthen labor-management relationships, resolve disputes, and ensure compliance with labor regulations.
One on One Coaching
We offer specialized one-on-one performance coaching for leaders at all levels, providing tailored guidance to help them achieve personal and professional growth, enhance leadership skills, and drive positive impact within their organizations.
Policy Development
We provide tailored consulting services to develop comprehensive policies for supervisors, human resources, and general employment concerns, ensuring legal compliance and industry best practices.
Workplace Investigations
We provide our expertise to effectively conduct any and all types of workplace investigations including, but not limited to, bullying & harassment, human rights, and violence in the workplace.
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