Leadership Program

Ensure your leaders are competent professionals. Our hallmark program, these 3-modules are a challenging, comprehensive and effective training program for the new or experienced front-line manager or supervisor.
Supervisor Program Module 1
In module 1 we introduce participants to their rights, roles and responsibilities of Supervision and lay the foundation for upcoming modules in the program. Participants are introduced to exciting topics that give them a realistic understanding of the rewards and challenges facing the modern supervisor.
Supervisor Program Module 2
Building on the foundation laid in Module 1, participants in module 2 will review key learnings from module 1 and then embark on an interesting journey into the world of employee relations.
Supervisor Program Module 3
How do we build a high-performance work team? Participants will understand more advanced performance management techniques like ‘the Pygmalion Effect’: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
Senior Managers' Leadership Program Overview
Elevate your leadership skills and empower your front-line teams with our two-day program overview, providing Senior Managers with a condensed yet comprehensive insight into essential leadership elements, from employment legislation to conflict resolution and the psychology of persuasion.
Annual Update and Refresher Program
Stay informed and enhance your supervisory skills with our Annual Update and Refresher Program, a two-day course tailored to address current workplace issues, including labor relations, employment standards, human rights, health and safety, privacy laws, and customized case studies.

Occupational Health & Safety

The Safety Program
Empower your front-line supervisors to enhance workplace safety with our 2-day Safety Program, addressing key issues and providing essential skills for occupational health and safety due diligence.
Workplace Bullying & Harassment
Our 2-hour Essential Bullying & Harassment Training provides supervisors and workers with the necessary legal knowledge and practical skills to recognize, respond to, and report workplace bullying and harassment, ensuring compliance with the Workers Compensation Act in BC.
Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis
Join our 1-day training program to equip supervisors with the skills to conduct thorough incident investigations, led by industry-experienced consultants, ensuring they understand the importance of proper procedures, data collection, interviewing, and root cause analysis through real-life examples and practical techniques.

Employee / Labour Relations

Employee Relations - Grievance Arbitration Process
Join our comprehensive one-day program, 'Mastering Arbitration Preparation,' and gain essential insights into the principles of managing a unionized workplace, meticulous case preparation, and effective witness handling, equipping you for arbitration success.
Effective Employee Relations
Empower supervisors with essential skills through our comprehensive two-day program, covering core topics for effective management in both unionized and non-unionized operations.
Grievance Management
Master the art of effective grievance management with our half-day program designed for HR and LR practitioners, providing comprehensive insights into labor relations history, legislative frameworks, Labor Relations Code, Duty of Fair Representation, grievance types, and best practices.
Better Supervision
Empower your frontline supervisors with the essential skills and knowledge they need to excel in managing employee relations, productivity, and safety in this comprehensive training program.
Discipline: When and How
Elevate your organization's management and employee relations with our one-day in-house training program, designed for both union and non-union operations, covering up-to-date information on labor laws, effective discipline, and discharge processes.
Introduction to Supervision
Gain essential supervisory skills and knowledge, whether you're a new or experienced leader, with our 'Foundations of Supervision' training program.
Managing Absenteeism
Discover effective strategies for managing and reducing employee absenteeism with our two-day workshop, equipping supervisors and managers to control absenteeism, improve productivity, and boost morale in the workplace.
Performance Appraisal
Unlock the full potential of performance appraisal in employee management through our comprehensive course, which covers key elements such as crafting a customized appraisal system, conducting effective appraisal interviews, and the pivotal role of line managers and supervisors, all while offering flexibility to adapt to your company's needs.
Workplace Rights, Roles & Responsibilities
Empower your entire workforce, whether union or non-union, through our well-received training program, delving into workplace rights, roles, and responsibilities to foster collaboration and responsibility.

Human Rights in the Workplace

Human Rights at the Workplace
The course "Navigating Workplace Human Rights" is essential for managers and supervisors to stay updated on human rights developments in today's dynamic work environment, covering topics such as compliance with laws, preventing harassment, and addressing corporate liabilities and personal responsibilities.
The Duty to Accommodate: Manager's Program
Explore workplace accommodation complexities and legal obligations, including mental health, Covid-19, gender transition, and medical cannabis, within the Canadian legal framework, while gaining practical solutions and skills to foster inclusivity in the modern workplace.
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