The Industrial Supervisor Program

Ensure your Supervisors are competent professionals. Our hallmark program, the Industrial Supervisor is a challenging, comprehensive and effective training program for the new or experienced supervisor.

The Industrial Supervisor

Module 1

In module 1 we introduce participants to their rights, roles and responsibilities of Supervision and lay the foundation for upcoming modules. Participants are introduced to exciting topics that give them a realistic understanding of the rewards and challenges facing the modern supervisor.

The Industrial Supervisor

Module 2

Building on the foundation laid in Module 1, participants in module 2 will review key learnings from module 1 and then embark on an interesting journey into the world of employee relations.

The Industrial Supervisor

Module 3

In Module 3 we make a pivot into topics with a common theme: How do we build a high-performance work team? Participants will understand more advanced performance management techniques like ‘the Pygmalion Effect’: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. They will know the ‘how to’ of setting proper standards, and the importance of training / communicating these standards so the expectations are clear.

Other Training Topics

Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

Non-disciplinary investigations (i.e. safety, fires etc.)

Ensure your supervisors understand the importance of and the ‘how to” conduct a proper investigation.

Employee Relations – Grievance Arbitration Process

Typically, the arbitration process is a once in while endeavour as opposed to more typical daily management activities. Because these are rarer, manager’s sometimes forget the important details associated with the preparation and execution of this process. For e.g. you may have witnesses that have never testified before and need to be carefully prepared for cross-examination.

This 1-day program begins with a review of the key principles of the union/management relationship (e.g. employee relations principles, management rights, William Scott principles, grievance procedure) to help folks understand that arbitration is not solely a stand-alone topic; rather, management’s actions on a day to day basis and the subsequent union’s reactions are precursors to a grievance process and potentially arbitration.

Furthermore, we will be focusing considerable attention on the details of a carefully prepared case for arbitration including the rights, roles and responsibilities of all Agents of the Employer. This will include how to prepare witnesses for examination and most importantly cross-examination.

The Duty to Accommodate: Manager’s Program

The program explores some of the more contemporary accommodation issues such as: mental illness, duty to inquire, Covid-19, gender transition, medical cannabis / zero tolerance policies and a whole lot more.

Accommodation is an important human rights issue that requires a delicate balance of empathy, trust, credibility, and perseverance. As usual, we approach this topic from the perspective of the employer and provide participants with practical solutions to issues facing the modern manager.

Annual Update and Refresher Program

A Two Day Program “Packed Full” of Current Workplace Issues. Recommended as an annual update & refresher course after completion of “The Industrial Supervisor”

Time – On Your Side. The Time Management Program

One-day training program. At CANSCOTT we understand how important time is; the cliché “time is money” refers to so many aspects of life. The great equalizer is the fact that we all have 24-hours in a day and time moves at a constant rate and its flow cannot be managed. Therefore, the key to being effective both in ones professional and personal life is to master how to effectively manage ourselves and our activities.

The Safety Program

As a Manager, have you made any of the following observations about your Operation? (1) We are hurting too many people, (2) The workforce is non-compliant with PPE requirements and safety rules, (3) At-risk behaviours are rampant so we are rehearsing injuries, (4) Supervisors don’t understand their safety roles and responsibilities, (5) With the way things are going we are going to have a serious incident/injury/possible fatality. If any or all of the above rings true then The Safety Program is for you. This high-impact 2-day program is specifically designed to teach your front-line supervisors their fundamental rights, roles and responsibilities in occupational health & safety “due diligence”.

Effective Employee Relations

As the saying goes “supervisors have a lot on their plate” and without proper training they can easily become overwhelmed and ineffective.  This program is designed to give supervisors the fundamentals; we cut out any “nice to know info” and focus on the competencies they need as a basis for further development. For e.g. how to conduct a proper workplace investigation? How to address a case of what appears to be insubordination? We recommend this 2-day program to new supervisors and those folks in supervisory development roles who cannot attend the Industrial Supervisor or Complete Supervisor programs.

Grievance Management

4-hour training program. Are you relatively new to a site and observe a floundering grievance process? Have you been tasked with improving LR and could a training program help? If “yes”, then this program is for you! A labour relations professional will provide some leading-edge tips and info on how to effectively use and manage your grievance procedure to your advantage. Current case law coupled with extensive real-life examples makes this course a must for HR/LR practitioners.

Senior Managers’ Overview of the Industrial Supervisor Program

Two-day program overview of the 9-day Industrial Supervisor (IS) program. Designed with the Senior Manager in mind, this comprehensive overview provides Managers’ with a solid understanding of the key elements of the IS program.

Better Supervision

Front line supervisors are the key management people affecting employee relations, productivity and profit. In today’s highly competitive world, supervisors must be knowledgeable, skilled professionals; People who can get the job done right, the first time.

Workplace Bullying & Harassment: 2-Hour Employee Training Sessions

2-Hour Training Session. Did you know employers are legally obliged to train supervisors and workers on: (i) recognizing the potential for bullying & harassment, (ii) responding to bullying & harassment; and (iii) procedures for reporting and how the employer will deal with incidents or complaints of bullying & harassment? As with our other training programs, participants can expect to learn practical skills supported by real-life cases and experiences.

Discipline… When and How

One Day Program / Workshop for In-House Presentation at your facility


Correction & Prevention

Human Rights at the Workplace

Ensure your staff is up to date with the current developments in this highly evolving topic.

Introduction to Supervision

A Must for all New Supervisors, Relief Supervisors, Leadhands and Chargehands

Managing Absenteeism

How to Improve Employee Attendance

Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is a Valuable “Tool” for use in Employee Management – “If it is used Correctly!”

Workplace Rights, Roles & Responsibilities

A valuable Training Program for all Employees (Union or Non-Union). We have received Great Feedback on this Program