Better Employee Relations

Practical and Effective Labour Relations Skills

  • Two Day Program/Workshop for In-House Presentation at your facility
  • A Comprehensive Program developed for Supervisors and Managers of Unionized Operations
  • Special Presentations are available for supervisors and Managers of Non-union Operations
  • Up-to-Date Information: Labour Code / Employment Standards


  1. Management’s Right to Manage
  2. Effective Communication within a Unionized Environment
  3. Contract Administrative Skills
  4. How to deal Effectively with Problem Employees
  5. “Just Cause” to Discipline and Discharge – When and How
  6. Why Documentation is a must in Labour Relations & When and How to Document
  7. How to Write and Deliver a Discipline Letter
  8. Handling Gripes and Grievances
  9. Preparing for Hearings and Arbitration
  10. Leadership skills for “Better Employee Relations”