Workplace Bullying & Harassment: 2-hour Employee Sessions

2-Hour Training Session. Did you know employers are legally obliged to train supervisors and workers on: (i) recognizing the potential for bullying & harassment, (ii) responding to bullying & harassment; and (iii) procedures for reporting and how the employer will deal with incidents or complaints of bullying & harassment? As with our other training programs, participants can expect to learn practical skills supported by real-life cases and experiences.

Several sessions/day can be delivered to ensure all shifts are covered.


  • Why is this training necessary?
  • Workers Compensation Act – BC Legal Obligations
  • What is workplace bullying & harassment?
  • What is not bullying & harassment?
  • Effects and potential indicators
  • Intent vs. Effect
  • Employer obligations
  • Company policy statement
  • What is the company doing to prevent or minimize bullying & harassment?
  • Reporting procedures
  • Dealing with incidents or complaints
  • Responding — worker and supervisor obligations
  • What co-workers can do to stop bullying and harassment
  • Talking to an alleged bully
  • Additional information