Discipline…When and How

One Day Program / Workshop for In-House Presentation at your facility

  • Developed for Supervisors and Managers of Union or Non-Union Operations
  • A Must for your entire Management team and Valuable for all Employees
  • Up to Date Information: Labour Code / Employment Standards


  1. Management’s Right to Discipline and Discharge
  2. Progressive Discipline and Severe Discipline – When and How
  3. How to Determine the Appropriate Degree of Discipline
  4. Why Documentation is a must, plus How and When to Document
  5. How and When to Conduct a Discipline Session
  6. How to Write and Deliver a letter of Discipline
  7. How to Handle Serious Misconduct (Insubordination, Fighting, Theft & more)
  8. The Role of the Union in matters of Discipline
  9. How to place the Responsibility for acceptable Work Performance and Conduct on the “Shoulders” of each Employee

Includes examples of disciplinary letters for use on the job. 
Special presentations are available for supervisors and managers of non-union operations.