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Join our comprehensive one-day program, 'Mastering Arbitration Preparation,' and gain essential insights into the principles of managing a unionized workplace, meticulous case preparation, and effective witness handling, equipping you for arbitration success.
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Mastering Arbitration Preparation: A Comprehensive 1-Day Program

Arbitration processes can be infrequent but pivotal events in the world of management. They demand precision, meticulous preparation, and an understanding of the broader union/management relationship. Have you ever encountered a situation where witnesses, who have never testified before, needed thorough preparation for cross-examination? If so, our one-day program is tailor-made for you.

This comprehensive course begins by revisiting the foundational principles of managing a unionized workplace. We'll delve into employee relations principles, management rights, the William Scott decision, and the intricacies of the grievance procedure. It's essential to grasp that arbitration doesn't exist in isolation. Instead, it's often the culmination of daily management actions and union reactions.

Throughout the program, we'll emphasize the importance of preparing a robust case for arbitration, paying meticulous attention to detail. You'll gain a profound understanding of the rights, roles, and responsibilities of all parties involved, especially the Agents of the Employer. Witness preparation will be a central focus, equipping you with the skills needed for effective examination and cross-examination.

Prepare yourself for arbitration success with our informative one-day program. By the end of it, you'll be well-versed in employee relations principles, adept at investigation and documentation, knowledgeable about the influential "William Scott Decision," confident in determining "Just & Reasonable Cause" for employee discipline, and skilled in navigating the grievance arbitration process. Plus, you'll have handy witness preparation checklists to ensure you're thoroughly prepared for every arbitration scenario.

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