Industrial Supervisor

Module 3

With all the foundation laid in the previous 2 Modules, in Module 3 we place very little emphasis on new information; rather, this Module focuses on putting supervisors in the hot seat where they will be required to use the information from previous modules and put it into action! They will demonstrate their competency in handling a variety of workplace issues. The objective is to have participants demonstrate competency as an employee relations practitioner and effective agent of the employer.


• Positive Reinforcement / Giving & Receiving Feedback / Coaching
• Delegation
• Documentation Preparation
• Respectful Workplace Violations / Human Rights Complaints
• Safety Infractions / Violations
• Insubordination
• Misconduct, Neglect of Duty, Unfit for Duty, AWOL, Absenteeism
• Social Media / Electronic Communications Violations
• Progressive Discipline / Just & Reasonable Cause / Departure from Normal Steps
• Investigative Interviews / Disciplinary Hearings
• Preparation of: Letters of Expectation / Discussion / Warnings / Suspension / Termination


Due to our class time limitations CANSCOTT will reach out to the Company prior to Module 3 to identify some specific topics to focus on during the program.

Other Exercises

1. Word/Terms

2. True & False questions.

3. Case Studies.

4. Instructor Challenge.

5. Crew Talk.

6. Captain’s Challenge