Industrial Supervisor

Module 3

Module 2 places an emphasis on employee relations topics such as investigations, just cause, grievance management, and attendance management to name a few. In Module 3 we make a pivot into topics with a common theme: How do we build a high-performance work team? Participants will understand more advanced performance management techniques like ‘the Pygmalion Effect’: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. They will know the ‘how to’ of setting proper standards, and the importance of training / communicating these standards so the expectations are clear. Besides these ‘practical’ components, participants will understand the latest research on what drives organizational performance. On the final day, participants will get a chance to practice the skills learned during all 3 modules. Whether we call it role play, mock scenarios, etc., participants will demonstrate their abilities  in a fun and enjoyable setting.


  1. Performance Management
  2. Performance Planning & Review – The Appraisal Process
  3. Effective Communication & Influence
  4. Team Development
  5. Change Management
  6. Leading Change
  7. Effective Use of Time: Time Management

Final Day:

Participants will be challenged with a variety of supervisory workplace issues such as:

  • Responding to misconduct
  • Effective performance discussions
  • Documentation prep
  • Dealing with on-line/social media issues
  • Corrective action meetings
  • Suspension and escort

Due to our class time limitations CANSCOTT will reach out to the Company prior to Module 3 to identify some specific topics to focus on during the program.

Other Exercises

1. Word & terms of supervision.

2. True & False questions.

3. Case Studies.

4. Instructor Challenge.