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Gain essential supervisory skills and knowledge, whether you're a new or experienced leader, with our 'Foundations of Supervision' training program.
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Foundations of Supervision: Essential Training for New and Experienced Leaders

Unlock the key skills and knowledge needed to excel in a supervisory role with our comprehensive training program. Whether you're a new supervisor, relief supervisor, lead hand, or charge hand, this course will provide you with the foundational understanding required to succeed in your leadership role. Even experienced supervisors and managers can benefit from this program as a valuable refresher to reinforce essential skills.

Supervisor's Core Roles and Responsibilities
Explore the fundamental duties of a supervisor as an agent of the employer, ensuring you understand your crucial position in the organization's structure.

Safety Leadership and Due Diligence
Gain insights into safety responsibilities, with a strong emphasis on due diligence, to create a safer work environment.

Human Rights and Harassment Prevention
Learn about human rights, sexual harassment, and personal harassment issues, equipping you with the knowledge to promote a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Effective Communication
Master the art of effective communication, a vital skill for any supervisor, to enhance your ability to lead and motivate your team.

Prepare yourself for success in your supervisory role by enrolling in this foundational training program.

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