Managing Absenteeism

How to Improve Employee Attendance

  • Two Day Program/Workshop
  • Excessive Absence of an Employee involves Significant cost to an Employer:
    • Disruption of Production / Extra Overtime / Problems of Supervision
    • Reassignment of Duties / and Damage to the Morale of other Workers
  • Learn the Steps to Correct and Control Absenteeism
  • All Supervisors and Managers will Benefit from this Informative Program

Include examples of absenteeism control letters


  1. Management’s Rights and Responsibilities in Controlling Absenteeism
  2. Employer Rules to Manage Employee Attendance
  3. The Abusive Absentee and the Legitimate Absentee – How and Why the Correct Steps Must Differ
  4. How to Develop and Implement an Effective Program to Control Absenteeism
  5. How and When to Conduct an “Absenteeism” Interview
  6. Attendance Records and Medical Reports
  7. Writing Absenteeism Control Letters
  8. When Discipline and Discharge may be Justified