Performance Appraisal

Two Day Program / Workshop

Performance Appraisal is a Valuable “Tool” for use in Employee Management – “If it is used Correctly!”


  1. Management’s Rights to Establish Work Standards and to Evaluate Employee Job Performance
  2. Developing the Right Appraisal System for your Organization
    1. The Objectives
    2. The Categories
    3. The Rating System
    4. How Often Should an Appraisal be Completed?
  3. How to Conduct an Effective Appraisal Interview
  4. Avoid the Pitfalls
  5. How an Appraisal can Improve Employee Morale and Performance
  6. Why the Line Managers and Supervisors must be Responsible for the Success of the Performance Appraisal Program

If you prefer, we will provide training based on your company’s present appraisal system, or we will assist in the development of a customized appraisal system during the workshop.