Supervisor Program Module 1

In module 1 we introduce participants to their rights, roles and responsibilities of Supervision and lay the foundation for upcoming modules in the program. Participants are introduced to exciting topics that give them a realistic understanding of the rewards and challenges facing the modern supervisor.
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In-Person Classroom Training
Video Conference Training

Words & Terms of Supervision

In this section, you'll become well-versed in 16 crucial supervisory terms, enabling you to communicate effectively within your leadership role and understand key concepts essential for successful supervision.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Discover how personality types influence workplace dynamics and decision-making through the MBTI assessment. Our certified instructors will guide you in identifying your personality type and understanding the 15 others that make up the 16 personality types, fostering better interpersonal relationships and collaboration.

The Fundamental Skills of Effective Supervision & Leadership

Gain a comprehensive understanding of supervision, including the roles and authority delegated to supervisors, the three fundamental skills (human, technical, and conceptual), the seven basic responsibilities of a supervisor, and managerial functions. Learn how to transition from hourly work to a management position and the qualities of a good leader.

Workplace Privacy Laws & Documentation

Delve into workplace privacy laws, including legislation like PIPA, and explore the types of information discussed in privacy law. Understand why documentation is crucial within a legal context, recognize the difference between effective and poor documentation, and learn essential documentation tips to protect employee privacy while maintaining legal compliance.

The Respectful Workplace

This section covers human rights, discrimination, and prohibited grounds. Explore the legal context surrounding employer and supervisor roles, sexual harassment, personal harassment, contemporary issues like social media, and the importance of fostering a respectful workplace culture.

Occupational Health & Safety – Due Diligence

Understand the supervisor's critical role in safety, including reviewing safety legislation specific to your jurisdiction. Dive into the concept of due diligence and the employer's due diligence defense. Learn how to create a positive safety culture, assess and manage risks using the risk calculator, and teach team members to make safe choices.

Communication Skills & Crew Talks

Discover the importance of effective communication in leadership roles and how it impacts team dynamics. Enhance your communication skills and learn to deliver effective crew talks. We'll also address strategies for dealing with disruptive crew members and navigating cultural differences in communication.

Coaching / Delegation / Motivation

Explore coaching techniques to reinforce desired behaviors, give and receive feedback effectively, and motivate team members. Understand the art of delegation, when it's appropriate, and how to delegate efficiently. Dive into the science behind motivation and learn strategies to inspire your team.

Introduction to Employee Relations

Develop a strong foundation in employee relations, including management's rights, the relationship between unions and management, and the basics of grievance procedures and discipline. Understand concepts like just and reasonable cause, factors affecting discipline, and the burden of proof, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle employee relations effectively.

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