Supervisor Program Module 3

How do we build a high-performance work team? Participants will understand more advanced performance management techniques like ‘the Pygmalion Effect’: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
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Building High-Performance Teams and Advanced Performance Management Techniques

In Module 3, we shift our focus towards building high-performance work teams and mastering advanced performance management techniques. Participants gain insights into the Pygmalion Effect, which explores how expectations can influence outcomes. They learn how to set clear standards and communicate them effectively. Additionally, participants dive into the latest research on factors driving organizational performance.

Day 1 & 2: Performance Management and Effective Communication

Day 1 and 2 cover a range of critical topics, including:

  • Performance Management: Understanding its significance, coaching, feedback, and setting clear expectations.
  • Performance Planning & Review: Delving into performance appraisal processes, evaluation, and interview techniques.
  • Effective Communication & Influence: Developing powerful communication skills, active listening, and dealing with challenging situations.
  • Team Development: Examining the phases of team development, characteristics of high-performance teams, and the role of a team leader.
  • Change Management: Understanding why change initiatives may fail, adapting to change, and implementing successful change strategies.
  • Leading Change: Exploring the role of leaders in driving change, setting clear goals, and addressing employee concerns.

Day 3: Practical Application

On the third day, participants engage in real-life workplace scenarios to apply their knowledge. They demonstrate their ability to provide positive coaching, address behavioral issues, deliver feedback, conduct misconduct investigations, and maintain proper documentation. This hands-on experience bridges theory and practice, allowing front-line leaders to showcase their competency.

Note: Due to class time limitations, CanScott collaborates with companies to customize day 3 topics for maximum relevance.

Additional Exercises Throughout the Program:

  1. Word & Terms of Supervision
  2. True & False Questions
  3. Case Studies
  4. Instructor Challenge

Join us for this comprehensive training program to enhance your leadership and management skills, drive employee engagement, and contribute to organizational success.

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