June 10, 2018

What's NEW @ CANSCOTT - Partners in Training

On behalf of all us at CANSCOTT, I hope everyone has a memorable summer with family and friends.

I encourage you to take a look at our "NEW” one-day course offering from CANSCOTT called Preparing for Arbitration. At CANSCOTT we understand how important it is to be properly prepared to represent the Company's position in Arbitration and to protect Management Right's. Our Consultants have represented Management in the Arbitration process and "get" that the process is expensive and can be quite unnerving for the inexperienced Supervisor/Manager. Do Supervisors have to learn the hard way? Do they have to learn via the school of hard knocks? Do we really have to expose someone to a difficult cross-examination when they don't even know what cross-examination is? The answers are "NO". This program is designed to effectively prepare a Supervisor or Manager for the Arbitration process.  As with other CANSCOTT programs, in this course we back the theory up with hands-on “experience-based” tools and guidance.

With cost effectiveness in mind, CANSCOTT can provide this service during the same week a Client is hosting a module of the Industrial Supervisor or Complete Supervisor program. For all course inquires contact Bal Bains, Operations Manager at 604-533-8222 or balvir.bains@canscott.com.

Kind Regards,

Barclay Hoskins, BCOMM, CPHR

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