September 3, 2020

Discipline & Due Dilgence

In today’s modern workplace the word ‘discipline’ typically carries a very negative connotation. It is not out of the ordinary for Employer’s to “turn a blind eye” or give an employee ‘just a talking to” when faced with safety violations. Unfortunately, these Employers fail to recognize they have legal obligations to ensure a safe workplace including that all safety rules be followed. Discipline and progressive discipline are important Management tools that must be used in order to enforce the Employer’s obligations under federal and provincial/state OH&S law. Even if all of the other elements of a due diligence defence can be demonstrated in court (i.e. formal risk assessments, documented safety meetings, documented training program etc.), lack of ongoing enforcement of the system is treated as a lack of complete due diligence and the defence will fail on this ground. See attached article for more information.

At CANSCOTT we understand how important due diligence is. Also, we understand how important it is for our Clients to have Supervisors/Superintendents/Managers who clearly understand their rights, roles and responsibilities under OH&S / Environmental law.

Check out our ‘Safety Program’ or the ‘Industrial Supervisor’ program for training that carefully covers the topics of ‘Due Diligence’ & ‘Discipline / Progressive Discipline’ on

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