Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

Join our 1-day training program to equip supervisors with the skills to conduct thorough incident investigations, led by industry-experienced consultants, ensuring they understand the importance of proper procedures, data collection, interviewing, and root cause analysis through real-life examples and practical techniques.
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Title: Mastering Effective Incident Investigations

Join our comprehensive 1-day training program to empower your supervisors with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct thorough and effective incident investigations. Tired of vague reports? Our industry-experienced consultants will guide participants in understanding the importance of proper investigations, collecting essential data, conducting interviews, and identifying root causes. Get ready to enhance your team's investigative capabilities with real-life examples and practical techniques.

Inadequate incident investigations can lead to recurring problems and unsolved mysteries in your workplace. Our training program is designed to put an end to incomplete investigations and vague reports. Led by industry professionals with hands-on supervisory and managerial experience, we know exactly what constitutes a well-executed investigation. By attending this course, your supervisors will not only understand why thorough investigations are vital but will also gain the skills required to perform them effectively.

Our course content covers every aspect of conducting investigations, from using incident investigation kits to collecting hard data and witness statements without compromising integrity. We emphasize interview preparation and the use of the funnel technique for comprehensive information gathering. Participants will also learn to review data, document contributing factors, establish causal factors, and apply tools like the 5 Whys analysis to reach the root causes. The course culminates in report writing, ensuring that the sequence of events and electronic submission of documentation align with your specific needs.

Expect our training style to be engaging and practical, with relevant case studies and real-life industry examples integrated into the curriculum. We firmly believe that experiential learning reinforces theoretical knowledge. Equip your supervisors with the skills to ensure that incidents are properly investigated, documented, and, most importantly, prevented from recurring in the future. Enroll in our program today and take a significant step toward incident resolution and workplace safety.

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