Discipline: When and How

Elevate your organization's management and employee relations with our one-day in-house training program, designed for both union and non-union operations, covering up-to-date information on labor laws, effective discipline, and discharge processes.
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Effective Discipline and Discharge Training Program

Empower your management team and enhance your employees' understanding of discipline and discharge processes with our one-day in-house training program. Designed for both union and non-union operations, this comprehensive course covers up-to-date information on labor laws and employment standards.

Course Highlights

Learn about management's rights when it comes to discipline and discharge, the nuances of progressive and severe discipline, and how to determine the appropriate level of disciplinary action. Discover the importance of documentation, when and how to document incidents, and how to conduct effective disciplinary sessions. Master the art of writing and delivering disciplinary letters, and gain insights into handling serious misconduct issues like insubordination, fighting, and theft. Explore the role of unions in disciplinary matters and how to foster accountability for work performance and conduct among your employees.

Note: Our program includes practical examples of disciplinary letters that can be applied in real workplace situations. We also offer specialized presentations tailored for supervisors and managers of non-union operations. Elevate your organization's management and employee relations with this invaluable training opportunity.

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