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Master the art of effective grievance management with our half-day program designed for HR and LR practitioners, providing comprehensive insights into labor relations history, legislative frameworks, Labor Relations Code, Duty of Fair Representation, grievance types, and best practices.
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Mastering Effective Grievance Management: A Half-Day Program for HR and LR Practitioners

Are you seeking to improve your labor relations skills and optimize your grievance procedure? If so, our half-day program is tailor-made for you. Designed for managers responsible for labor relations, this course delves into the history, theory, and legislative framework behind labor relations, equipping you with essential knowledge to effectively manage grievances. Learn from labor relations professionals, explore real-life examples, and gain insights into the Labor Relations Code and the Duty of Fair Representation. Whether you're new to labor relations or looking to enhance your expertise, this program is a valuable resource.

Course Content

Delve into the history and theory behind the legislative framework, understanding how management rights evolved and how they relate to collective agreements. Gain insights into the onus of proof and effective grievance management strategies.

Explore the Labor Relations Code, the jurisdiction of courts and arbitrators, and the Duty of Fair Representation. Analyze the Duty to bargain in good faith, the prohibition of strikes or lock-outs during collective agreement duration, and the mandatory inclusion of grievance procedures and just cause provisions in agreements. Learn how to navigate Duty of Fair Representation and mitigate potential employer liabilities.

Master grievance management by identifying various types of grievances, understanding jurisdiction and expansion, and honing your grievance reply writing skills. Delve into grievance triggers, time limits, grievance procedure steps, common grievances, and when employers should take action. Get acquainted with grievance rules, basic guidelines, and best practices for grievance handling.

Join us to gain invaluable insights and enhance your labor relations skills, whether you're new to the field or a seasoned practitioner.

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