Senior Managers' Leadership Program Overview

Elevate your leadership skills and empower your front-line teams with our two-day program overview, providing Senior Managers with a condensed yet comprehensive insight into essential leadership elements, from employment legislation to conflict resolution and the psychology of persuasion.
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Unlock Leadership Excellence with Our Two-Day Program

Are you a Senior Manager looking to elevate your leadership skills and support your front-line teams effectively? Our condensed two-day leadership program overview is tailored just for you. This program offers a comprehensive glimpse into the key elements of our renowned nine-day leadership course, designed to empower leaders and drive organizational success.

Day One: Navigating the Essentials
Kickstart your leadership journey by exploring vital topics on the first day, including employment and labor legislation in British Columbia and Canada, human rights, the duty to accommodate, workplace bullying, harassment, and violence prevention. Dive into occupational health and safety with a focus on due diligence, and enhance your communication, coaching, delegation, and motivation skills. Gain insights into employee relations and the principle of just cause to foster a harmonious workplace.

Day Two: Mastering Leadership Dynamics
On the second day, delve deeper into leadership fundamentals, effective supervision, and honing your leadership prowess. Develop your investigation and documentation abilities and gain proficiency in navigating the grievance process, mediation, and arbitration. Understand the significance of performance management and the art of providing constructive feedback. Explore the key factors driving peak performance, conflict resolution strategies, and the psychology of persuasion to inspire and lead your team with confidence.

Join our two-day program and embark on a transformative leadership journey that empowers you to lead with knowledge, skill, and vision, ensuring success for both your team and your organization. Invest in your leadership potential today and become the leader your team deserves.

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